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Rolaids Antacid                                 Tums Antacids
      Everyday Bi-Mart 1.29–4.99                      Everyday Bi-Mart 7.59

      Alka-Seltzer Heartburn, Acid
      Indigestion & Upset Stomach Relief
      Everyday Bi-Mart 4.29–9.29

       Glucerna Hunger Smart
       Shakes Everyday Bi-Mart 9.99

                                                      $3 Off

                                                      SlimQuick Weight Loss Aid
                                                      Everyday Bi-Mart 19.99

                   Our Pharmacies Remain Open

             Our pharmacy staff is working hard to handle the increased demand for prescriptions
              during this time. Please be advised that it may take a little longer than normal to get
             prescriptions filled, but we are committed to taking care of our pharmacy customers as
                                           quickly as possible.

                      Our pharmacy hours are Monday–Friday 9am–7pm,
                               Saturday 9am–6pm, Closed Sunday.

                       Please note that not all Bi-Mart stores offer pharmacy services.
                            Please visit to find a pharmacy near you.

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